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SCS Building Facilities Department


Note on Returning to Campus: SCS BFD is currently working to restore furnishings in SCS to pre-pandemic configurations and canvassing our spaces for deficiencies. Throughout July we will be restoring services such as kitchenettes and common dining areas.

The SCS Building Facilities Department manages all initiatives and issues pertaining to the physical spaces occupied by the School of Computer Science. From facility, furniture, electrical issues and office/room access to space, maintenance resources and much more.

We collaborate with departments throughout SCS and beyond to address the physical plant space and resources necessary in facilitating the mission of the school and the university as a whole.

Focusing on the present and future needs of our community as well as maintaining clear considerations for fundamentals such as safety and security, Building Facilities staff work towards meeting the challenges presented by the forward-thinking vision of the school with creative solutions that not only work now, but allow for an ever evolving School of Computer Science.