Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Building Repairs, Renovations and Furniture Procurement

Building repairs

We coordinate all building repairs, providing information to CMU’s Facilities Management Services Department,  the group responsible for performing the actual work. While our team is small, we handle all SCS space in 11 different buildings on and off campus. We consider you, our customer, to be our eyes and ears. We encourage our community to reach out to us and report any issues. 

If you need to report an issue, submit a building request form.

Building renovations

We coordinate all building renovations, working with CMU’s Campus Design & Facilities Development department, which hires architects and contractors to get the work done.  Requests for renovations usually come to us through department heads or departmental business managers because of the high costs involved.

Furniture procurement and allocation

We provide guidance and handle all specifications and ordering of office and lab furniture purchased with departmental or school funds. We have significant stockpiles of used furniture with which we can usually satisfy most customer requests.