Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Room resources of many different layouts and sizes are available to SCS faculty and staff (as well as for students via sponsored reservation). These spaces are ideal for conferences, collaborative meetings, discussions, training, or interdisciplinary activities and are not intended to replace offices or departmental conference rooms and are reserved per-event.  For more information about rules governing the use of SCS rooms please review the SCS Room Policy.

Resource Scheduler (Room Reservation System)

Resource Scheduler is the current resource management solution for SCS rooms. Resource Scheduler is a web-based resource scheduling solution used to manage bookings for SCS meeting rooms. Conference Phones (VoIP) compatible with these rooms can be requested through the Help Desk Technology Reservation Request page

There are a number of conference rooms throughout SCS buildings and they vary in size, style, resources, layout and seating capacity. Please check our Audio-Visual Room Resources Table for specifics about the room you are interested in reserving.